Seed Co is the leading certified seed company authorised to market seed varieties developed by itself, government and other associated seed breeders in over fifteen (15) African countries. We have maintained a strong market share among communal and commercial farmers from years of intensive investment in Research & Development. The company is involved in the breeding, multiplication and distribution of hybrid maize, wheat, soyabean, beans, rice, potatoes, sorghum, cotton and vegetable seeds. Seeds are the cornerstone of productive farming and in Africa Seed Co is a trail-blazer in the research, production and marketing of certified seed. Founded in 1940 by a Cooperative of Zimbabwean farmers, Seed Co is now a Pan-African producer of field crops seeds, as well as vegetable seeds that are adaptable and purpose-bred for the various ecological zones in Africa. Seed Co caters for small-scale and commercial farmers, continually adapting its breeding and production programmes to sustainably meet the demands of Africa’s farmers and growing consumers. Seed Co operates in nearly 20 countries in Africa, with a rich portfolio of hybrid and certified seed species of maize, soya-beans, wheat, sorghum, groundnuts, vegetables, cotton and rice. Seed Co runs Africa-wide research and development facilities, programmes, out-grower schemes, and manages an extensive ecosystem of farmers, value chain actors, extension, infrastructure, supply-chain partners. Seed Co is part of the Limagrain Group. This gives it access to world-class capabilities, that bolster its bid to be a dominant and agile Seed Business in Africa. It also distributes its seed varieties in Angola, DRC, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda and several countries in West Africa.

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