The East, Central, and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) is a regional intergovernmental organization that plays a crucial role in advancing health within the member states of the East, Central, and Southern Africa regions. Formed in 1974, ECSA-HC operates as a platform for collaboration and partnership among 10 member countries, fostering regional cooperation to improve healthcare systems and outcomes. ECSA-HC’s primary objective is to promote and strengthen health systems in its member countries by facilitating technical cooperation, capacity building, and knowledge sharing. The organization focuses on various health aspects, including disease control, health research, human resources for health, health information systems, and health systems strengthening. This health community acts as a catalyst for advancing health agendas in member countries. It coordinates joint efforts to address common health challenges and shares best practices, research findings, and innovative approaches to improve healthcare delivery. ECSA-HC’s initiatives extend to supporting the development of policies and strategies that enhance healthcare services and systems in the region. By collaborating with governments, healthcare institutions, and international partners, ECSA-HC works towards the common goal of achieving better health outcomes for the population in East, Central, and Southern Africa. The organization prioritizes the exchange of information, skills, and experiences among member states, fostering a collaborative environment that allows for collective problem-solving in the face of health-related challenges. This approach not only strengthens health systems but also promotes a unified front in tackling regional health issues. Through its programs and partnerships, ECSA-HC continues to make significant strides in promoting health equity, sustainable development, and improved health services across the diverse landscape of East, Central, and Southern Africa.

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