Grumeti Fund Tanzania, New Vacancies Opportunities – May 2023


Grumenti Fund is a prominent initiative that has made a significant impact on the economic development and social empowerment of Tanzania. Founded in 2010, the fund operates as a non-profit organization with the primary objective of promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development across the country. Grumenti Fund has played a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially in terms of access to capital. Through its various programs and initiatives, it offers funding opportunities to promising business ventures, enabling them to expand their operations, create job opportunities, and contribute to the national economy. The fund also facilitates access to financial resources by partnering with financial institutions and investors, thus bridging the funding gap that many entrepreneurs encounter. Grumenti Fund recognizes the importance of fostering innovation and technological advancement. It actively promotes research and development, encouraging entrepreneurs to harness the power of technology to drive economic growth and social progress. The fund has established partnerships with technology hubs, incubators, and research institutions to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Grumenti Fund’s impact goes beyond financial and mentorship support. It has played a pivotal role in fostering an entrepreneurial culture in Tanzania, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and instilling confidence in their abilities. By organizing events, workshops, and networking opportunities, the fund encourages collaboration, learning, and the exchange of ideas among entrepreneurs.

For more information about these vacancies opportunities announced and how to apply, please download attachment PDF document below




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