The judiciary of Tanzania is an independent branch of government responsible for upholding the rule of law and administering justice. It consists of various levels of courts, with the Court of Appeal serving as the highest appellate court. Below it are the High Courts, which handle civil and criminal cases, and the lower-level Resident Magistrates’ Courts and Primary Courts. Judicial appointments are made by the President based on recommendations from the Judicial Service Commission, aiming to ensure an independent and impartial judiciary. The judiciary’s jurisdiction covers a wide range of legal areas, including civil, criminal, commercial, labor, constitutional, and administrative law. Tanzania follows a mixed legal system, incorporating elements of common law, customary law, and Islamic law. Efforts have been made to enhance access to justice through legal aid programs and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. The judiciary has undergone reforms to improve efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness, such as the establishment of specialized courts and implementation of case management systems. While the judiciary is intended to be independent, concerns have been raised regarding potential executive influence. Overall, the judiciary of Tanzania plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper application of the law, protecting individual rights, and resolving legal disputes in the country.

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