Norges Vel is a Norwegian non-profit organisation established in 1809 with our international work beginning from 1978. We pride ourselves in the work we do to support sustainable growth, both in Norway and in other economies. We take an approach of coming up with collaborative solutions to professionalise value chains specifically within the aquaculture and agriculture sectors. Norges Vel Tanzania has been present in Tanzania since 2007 and established a country office in 2008 with a vision of creating thriving local communities through rural wealth creation & the transformation of subsistence farmers into smallholder commercial farmers, for a future-proof and sustainable food sector. we work with our partners to contribute to the economic growth of local communities. This is realized through the development of modern value chains and the organization of small-scale farmers to improve their position in the value chain leading to greater bargaining power and better market access. Value chain development, Norges Vel is involved in value chain development through analysing the whole trajectory of an agriculture-based product, from inputs through farming, harvesting, processing and transport, to sale to the consumer. Business development, Norges Vel is involved in business development through encouraging farmers to establish their own business through capacity building to improve their business performance. Organizing farmers, Farmers on their own can lack resources that serve as means to improve their livelihoods, such as capital, experience and skills.

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