MORUWASA was established for supply of reliable, affordable and clean water and provision of sewerage services in Morogoro Municipality and other designated operational areas. Morogoro Municipality is situated about 200 km. West of Dar es Salaam and it is the eighth largest town in Tanzania. MORUWASA was established by a Government declaration on 1st January, 1998. It was one of the eighteen Water and Sewerage Departments that were declared Water Supply and Sewerage Authorities by the then Minister of Water Affairs through the power vested on him by section 38 of the Waterworks Ordinance 1949 and regulation 3 (1) of the Waterworks Regulations published in the Government Gazette Notice No. 371 on the 25th July, 1997. The Authority had existed as a Water Department until 30th June, 1996. On 1st July, 1996, it was given powers to retain the revenue that it collected and use the same to discharge its responsibilities under the direction of a Board. The first Board was inaugurated on 29th August, 1996. In January 1st 1998 the Government declared a total of 18 Regional, Towns/ Municipalities Water Departments to be Autonomous Urban Water and Sewerage Authorities under categories A, B and C. MORUWASA started as a category B Authority, under which it was required to meet all its Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs excluding salaries for permanent employees. In July, 2001 it was elevated to category A, and in this category, it is required to meet all Operational and Maintenance costs and set aside, at least 20% of its annual budget for capital investment.

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