The Geita Regional was established under section 6 of the Regions and Districts (Establishment order Procedure) Act, Cap 397, RE 2012. The President’s order of establishing Geita Region was advertised to the public by Government Gazette notice No. 72 of 2nd   March, 2012. The town of Geita is the Capital. The Region was established from parts of Shinyanga, Kagera and Mwanza Regions and is administratively divided in to five Districts of Geita, Bukombe, Chato, Mbogwe and Nyang’hwale. The Region consist 6 councils such as Geita Town, Geita, Bukombe, Chato, Mbogwe and Nyang’hwale. The Region is made up of 21 divisions, 125 wards, 474 Villages and 65 sub villages/ mitaas. According to the 2012 National Population and Housing Census, the Regional Total Population of 1,739,530 people of which 861,055 were males and 878,475 were females. The Region lies between latitude 2° 8´and 3° 28’ south of the equator and longitude 31° 15’ -32° 40’ East of Greenwich. The Region is 1,100 to 1,300 meter above sea level and shares borders with Kagera to the West and North, while to the South and South Eastern parts border Shinyanga Region and Mwanza Region to the North. Tourism Potential: The region has tourism potential, with attractions such as the Lake Victoria shoreline and the possibility of developing eco-tourism initiatives. Transportation Geita is accessible by road, and transportation infrastructure has been developed to facilitate the movement of goods and people within the region. Agriculture: While gold mining plays a significant role in the economy, agriculture is also practiced in the region. The fertile land around Lake Victoria supports agricultural activities. Community Development: Initiatives for community development, healthcare, and social services have been implemented to improve the overall well-being of the residents.

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