LEAD FOUNDATION Tanzania Vacancies Opportunities, October 2023 – Ajira Nasi


LEAD Foundation is a dynamic and purpose-driven local non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the Government of Tanzania. Established with a vision to drive positive social change and sustainable development, LEAD Foundation has been making significant contributions to various areas of need in the country. The organization’s mission is deeply rooted in addressing key societal challenges, including poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. LEAD Foundation has embraced a multi-faceted approach to these issues, combining innovative solutions and community involvement. One of the noteworthy achievements of LEAD Foundation is its commitment to education. The organization has worked tirelessly to enhance access to quality education, particularly for underserved communities. They have initiated programs aimed at increasing school enrollment, improving educational infrastructure, and providing scholarships to deserving students. LEAD Foundation also champions healthcare initiatives, including maternal and child health programs, awareness campaigns, and efforts to improve access to healthcare services in remote areas. They work in close collaboration with local healthcare providers to enhance the well-being of Tanzanian communities. In alignment with global environmental concerns, LEAD Foundation actively promotes environmental sustainability through tree planting, waste management, and conservation programs. Their efforts aim to create awareness about environmental challenges and foster a culture of responsible resource management. Additionally, the organization is dedicated to community empowerment and capacity building. By involving local residents in decision-making processes and development initiatives, they ensure that projects are sustainable and tailored to the specific needs of the communities they serve. LEAD Foundation is a purpose-driven and impactful organization that has been making a positive difference in Tanzania. Their comprehensive approach to development challenges, combined with a strong commitment to community engagement, underscores their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for Tanzanians.

For more information about these vacancies opportunities announced and how to apply, please download the attachment PDF document below


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