The Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT) is a key regulatory and promotional agency responsible for overseeing and supporting the cashew nut industry in Tanzania. Founded in 2005, the CBT plays a central role in the development and management of the country’s cashew sector, which is vital for Tanzania’s economy. Here is an overview of the Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT): Regulatory Authority, CBT acts as a regulatory body for the cashew industry in Tanzania. It establishes and enforces standards and guidelines for cashew nut production, processing, and marketing to ensure quality and consistency. Market Facilitation, The CBT plays a significant role in facilitating cashew nut trade, both domestically and internationally. It assists in linking cashew farmers and processors with buyers and exporters. Farmer Support, The CBT is committed to supporting cashew farmers by providing technical assistance, training, and best practices to improve production and increase yields. This support is essential for the livelihoods of many small-scale cashew growers in Tanzania. Quality Control, Quality assurance is a priority for the CBT. It conducts inspections and quality assessments to ensure that Tanzanian cashew nuts meet international standards, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in global markets. Research and Development, CBT invests in research and development activities to improve cashew nut cultivation techniques and processing methods, making the industry more efficient and sustainable. The Cashewnut Board of Tanzania plays a pivotal role in ensuring the prosperity of the cashew nut industry, which is one of Tanzania’s significant agricultural commodities. By regulating quality standards, supporting farmers, and promoting cashew exports, the CBT contributes to the economic well-being of the nation and helps Tanzanian cashew nuts gain recognition in the global market.

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