Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU), New Vacancies Opportunities – August 2023


Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU), located in Moshi, Tanzania, is a reputable institution of higher learning with a strong focus on academic excellence, moral values, and community engagement. Established by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference in 2005, MWECAU has rapidly grown to become a hub of quality education and holistic development. MWECAU offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines including business, humanities, social sciences, education, and health sciences. The university’s curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing them for successful careers and meaningful contributions to society. Committed to fostering a conducive learning environment, MWECAU boasts modern facilities including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, research centers, and computer labs. The university places a strong emphasis on research and innovation, encouraging both students and faculty to engage in impactful research projects that address local and global challenges. Integral to MWECAU’s mission is its dedication to instilling ethical values and a sense of social responsibility in its students. The university actively promotes community outreach programs, encouraging students to participate in initiatives that address societal needs and promote sustainable development. MWECAU’s picturesque campus, nestled at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, provides students with not only a serene and inspiring backdrop for learning but also ample opportunities for extracurricular activities and personal growth. Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) in Tanzania stands as a beacon of quality education, moral integrity, and community engagement. With a commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, MWECAU continues to contribute significantly to Tanzania’s educational landscape and the empowerment of its graduates.

For more information about these vacancies posts announced and to apply please download attachment PDF document below


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