The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Tanzania is a branch of the IOM, a global intergovernmental organization that specializes in migration-related matters. Established in 1998, IOM Tanzania focuses on promoting safe, orderly, and dignified migration within the country and the region. IOM Tanzania’s work encompasses a wide range of migration-related areas, including assisting migrants, providing humanitarian support, and collaborating with the Tanzanian government and other stakeholders to develop and implement migration policies and programs. One of the key areas of focus for IOM Tanzania is assisting migrants, including refugees and internally displaced persons, with various forms of support. This includes providing shelter, healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities to vulnerable populations. The organization also plays a significant role in addressing the challenges of irregular migration, human trafficking, and smuggling. IOM Tanzania works to raise awareness, provide assistance to victims, and collaborate with local authorities to combat these illicit practices. In the realm of health, IOM Tanzania is involved in initiatives related to health and migration, including providing medical support to migrants, promoting health awareness, and addressing the health needs of displaced populations. Furthermore, IOM Tanzania engages in capacity building and training programs for government officials, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders involved in migration-related work. This helps strengthen the overall migration governance framework in the country. IOM Tanzania operates in alignment with the broader objectives of the IOM, which include promoting safe and orderly migration, advocating for the rights of migrants, and contributing to sustainable development. By collaborating with various partners, including the Tanzanian government, NGOs, and international organizations, IOM Tanzania continues to contribute to the improvement of migration management, protection, and assistance in Tanzania, supporting the well-being of migrants and the overall development of the country. For the most current information, it’s recommended to visit IOM Tanzania’s official website or other reliable sources.

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