DECCA College of Health and Allied Sciences started 2010 in the minds of Medical students. The passion and the motive to serve life by increasing competent health personnel grew even bigger and DECOHAS became a reality, registered by NACTE. The college is established by health professionals who are visionary, well organized and determines to offer high quality education, practical skills and international standard for competent DECOHAS graduates. DECOHAS is the home of excellence for the bright future you need. DECCA College of Health and Allied Sciences (DECOHAS) is a registered private health institution which focuses all its effort to combat health providers vacancy in Tanzania. It came into action after one year intensive evaluation done by the board of directors of DECCA Medics Co. Ltd DECCA Medics Company Limited i.e. registered under the companies Act 2002. The Objects of the company include to carry on the business of providing health services included but not limited to establish of health institutions for teaching and educate., health dispensaries, mobile clinics, hospitals, health centers and all other business related to the health field; The company aims at helping the government in provision of health services, education, health campaigns, researches and all areas as far as health is concerned. In doing so the company has established DECCA College of Health and Allied sciences (DECOHAS) which will be providing health education. DECOHAS, a health institution of excellence has planned to provide four medical courses as a taking off step. These include Certificate and Diploma in Clinical medicine, Certificate and Diploma in Medical laboratory, Certificate and Diploma in Nursing and Certificate and Diploma in Environmental Health sciences.

For more information about these vacancies posts announced ad how to apply, please download attachment PDF document below


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