Buhigwe District Council, New Vacancy Opportunity – May 2023


Buhigwe District Council is a local government administrative body located in western Tanzania. It is one of the six districts in the Kigoma Region. Buhigwe District covers an area of approximately 2,686 square kilometers and has its administrative headquarters in the town of Buhigwe. The district is bordered by Lake Tanganyika to the west, which forms a natural boundary between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Buhigwe District is known for its beautiful landscapes, including mountains, forests, and the pristine shores of Lake Tanganyika. The population of Buhigwe District is primarily composed of various ethnic groups, including the Banyambo, Banyantuzu, and Banyamwenge. Agriculture is the main economic activity in the district, with most residents engaged in subsistence farming. Common crops grown in the area include maize, cassava, beans, and bananas. Buhigwe District Council plays a crucial role in local governance, providing essential services and infrastructure development to its residents. It is responsible for the provision of healthcare facilities, education, water and sanitation services, and road infrastructure. The council also promotes sustainable development and coordinates various community development projects. As part of the Kigoma Region, Buhigwe District Council collaborates with other districts and the regional government to address regional challenges, attract investments, and improve the living standards of its population. In recent years, efforts have been made to enhance tourism in Buhigwe District, capitalizing on its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The district has the potential to attract visitors interested in ecotourism, adventure tourism, and cultural experiences.

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