Marie Stopes Tanzania (MST) is part of Marie Stopes International, a global partnership of sexual and reproductive healthcare organisations established in 1989. We are Tanzania’s largest specialists in contraception, post-abortion care and sexual reproductive health services. We work to improve access to contraception for people across Tanzania, especially those who are living in rural remote areas, to adolescents and young people and to those who are marginalised. We also provide maternity and general health services and have a call centre available to refer you for services and answer your sexual and reproductive health questions. Marie Stopes Tanzania (MST), part of the global Marie Stopes International (MSI) network, has been a crucial player in advancing sexual and reproductive health services across Tanzania since its establishment in 1989. MST’s mission is to ensure that individuals and families can make informed choices about their reproductive health, thereby improving the quality of life and contributing to healthier communities. MST provides a comprehensive range of services, including family planning, maternal health care, safe abortion where legal, and post-abortion care. These services are delivered through a network of clinics, outreach teams, and partnerships with local health providers, ensuring accessibility even in remote and underserved areas. The organization also offers education and counseling to raise awareness about sexual health and rights, helping to reduce the stigma associated with reproductive health issues. Marie Stopes Tanzania’s holistic approach, combining high-quality services, education, and advocacy, has significantly contributed to improving reproductive health and empowering individuals across Tanzania, reinforcing its role as a vital health organization in the region.

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