JUDICIAL SERVICE COMMISSION 1.0 Historical Background Judicial Service Commission (JSC) was established under Article 112 (1) of the Constitution of The United Republic of Tanzania, it shall be an Appointments Advisory Commission for Judges and Magistrates in Mainland Tanzania. Despite a long history starting in 1962, it undergone last changes in 2011 by the Act No. 4 of 2011 that introduced some reforms to the Judicial Service Commission by adding to its roles to deal with both Judicial and non-Judicial Officers on the issues of recruitment, promotion, confirmation, appointment and discipline.

Under that new perspective it started operation in 2012. Nonetheless, JSC has been planning but this plan succeeds the JSC Strategic Plan for the year 2013/2014 to 2017/2018. 1.1. Mandate, Functions and Powers of the Judicial Service Commission. 1.1.1. Mandate of JSC The Judicial Service Commission derives its mandate from Article 112 (1) of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT).

Roles and Functions of JSC Article 113 (1) of the of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977 establishes the Judicial Service Commission’s functions vide Section 29 (1) of the Judiciary Administration Act No.4 of 2011 as depicted in the table below: – Table 1: Roles and Functions of JSC ROLES AND FUNCTIONS PROVISION (i) To advise the President in respect of the appointment of the Jaji Kiongozi and Judges of the High Court on the exercise of such of the functions conferred on the President by Article 113 (a) as the President may require 29(1) (a) (i) (ii) To advice the President in respect of appointment of Chief Court Administrator, Chief Registrar, Registrar of Court of Appeal and Registrar of High Court.

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