Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) is the public broadcaster of the United Republic of Tanzania. Established in 2005, TBC plays a vital role in disseminating information, entertainment, and education to the Tanzanian population. It operates a diverse range of media platforms, including  television, radio, and online services, catering to both urban and rural areas. TBC’s  television network offers a wide array of programming, including news bulletins, documentaries, dramas, sports coverage, and cultural shows. It strives to reflect the cultural diversity and aspirations of the Tanzanian people. TBC’s radio stations provide a variety of content, including news, music, talk shows, and educational programs, in multiple languages to reach a broader audience. As a public broadcaster, TBC is committed to impartiality, accuracy, and fairness in its news reporting. It covers national and international news, politics, business, and social issues, ensuring that Tanzanians stay well-informed about events and developments both within their country and around the world. TBC also plays a crucial role in promoting the Swahili language, which is widely spoken in Tanzania. It serves as a platform for preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the nation, showcasing traditional music, dance, and customs through various programs. With the advent of digital media, TBC has expanded its online presence, allowing Tanzanians to access its content through websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms.

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