Tanzania Fisheries Corporation (TAFICO) is a public corporation owned by the Government of Tanzania under the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. TAFICO plays a crucial role in the sustainable development of Tanzania’s fisheries industry, ensuring the responsible utilization of marine resources. With its focus on large-scale commercial fishing projects including the EEZ, the Corporation aims to boost the country’s fish production, create employment opportunities, enhance food security, and contribute to the overall growth of the country’s fisheries sector and economic growth. The Corporation also focuses on the development of aquaculture and fish farming to enhance the country’s fish production capacity. By investing in modern aquaculture techniques, fish feed production, and providing training to local fish farmers, the Corporation is actively working towards achieving a more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly fish industry. Additionally, the Corporation works to improve the value chain of the fisheries sector by investing in facilities for fish processing, and cold chain and reducing post-harvest losses, particularly in the sardines and small pelagic fish segment. TAFICO also collaborates and trades with artisanal fishermen to ensure sustainable fishing practices and the conservation of marine resources. The revival of TAFICO by the Government of Tanzania aims to enhance its commercial operations and ensure financial sustainability.

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