Ogilvy Africa has created iconic advertising for clients, and we continue to live by our founder’s credo of “We sell, or else”. In 1948, David Ogilvy founded the agency that would become Ogilvy. Starting with no clients and a staff of two, he built his company into one of the eight largest advertising networks in the world with more than 500 offices and 20,000 staff across 169 cities. Today, Ogilvy is the leader in the industry, focused on building and transforming brands. True to David’s vision, we still see ourselves as a company that does more than ads and have proven that by maintaining our humility and an almost divine discontent at our past successes, we can do more than stay relevant. We are the largest network agency on the continent. Operating in 24 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. We’ve been awarded the Financial Mail Ad Focus Network Agency of the Year recognition every year since the awards’ inception in 2009. We are also one of the longest-serving agencies on the continent with client relationships spanning over a decade. We began operations predominantly out of South Africa, but the last decade has seen us open shop across Africa through affiliate agencies, majority of which we own equity in. Growing client requests in Sub Saharan Africa propelled the agency to move its HQ to Nairobi, Kenya.

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