Njombe Town Council is located in the southern highlands of Tanzania in Njombe Region. The council was established in July 2007 under the local government act no 8 of 1982.The council population is about 130,223 (2012 census). The region is becoming an increasingly attractive hub for investors due to various economic, political and social reforms that are sweeping through the country resulting in a much improved business environment conducive to direct investment. There is extensive development of critical social and physical infrastructure. If you’re an investor who has yet to invest in Njombe Town Council, now is the time to step in and capture a share of Njombe’s investment opportunities. Lucrative sectors for potential investors. Mining (Copper and Gold). Agricultural and livestock production and processing industries (tea, coffee pyrethrum, sunflowers, flowers, sweet potatoes, maize, cereals, round potatoes, avocado, apples, peaches, pears milk, beef, hides and skins). Forestry and beekeeping (tree planting, logs and timber processing, honey and wax production and processing). Tourism (hotels, pubs, swimming clubs, camps and walking safaris). Other areas include transport, banking, energy education and health services and telecommunication. There are ongoing projects to improve rural and urban roads. Njombe is linked with the port of dare s salaam by rail, which extends to neighboring Zambia.

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