Makambako Town Council, located in the Njombe Region of Tanzania, serves as a vital hub of economic and social activity in the southern highlands. Established in 2010, Makambako has rapidly developed into a significant urban center, bolstered by its strategic location at the crossroads of major highways connecting the regions of Iringa, Mbeya, and Njombe. The town’s population has been steadily growing, reflecting its importance as a commercial and transportation nexus. The economy of Makambako is predominantly driven by agriculture, with the surrounding fertile lands producing crops such as maize, beans, potatoes, and horticultural products. The presence of a vibrant market facilitates the trade of these agricultural goods, attracting traders and buyers from neighboring regions. Makambako has seen growth in small-scale industries and businesses, contributing to the local economy. Services such as banking, healthcare, and education are well-represented, enhancing the quality of life for residents. The town’s educational infrastructure includes several primary and secondary schools, alongside vocational training centers, ensuring a skilled workforce to support its economic activities. with ongoing projects aimed at improving roads, water supply, and sanitation facilities. Makambako reflects the diverse heritage of the Njombe Region, with a blend of traditional and modern influences evident in its festivals, cuisine, and daily life. The town council’s commitment to sustainable development and community welfare positions Makambako as a dynamic and forward-looking urban center in Tanzania’s southern highlands.

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