The Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB) is a key regulatory authority established to oversee and promote the development of the cotton industry in Tanzania. Founded under the Cotton Industry Act, TCB’s mission is to regulate, improve, and sustain the cotton sector, ensuring that it contributes effectively to the nation’s economic growth and development. The board sets and enforces quality standards for cotton production, ensuring that Tanzanian cotton meets both local and international market requirements. This involves the certification of seeds, monitoring of pest control measures, and inspection of ginning factories to maintain high standards of production. TCB provides extensive support to cotton farmers through various initiatives aimed at enhancing productivity and sustainability. These initiatives include the dissemination of agricultural research, provision of extension services, and facilitation of access to high-quality seeds and inputs. TCB also organizes training programs for farmers on best practices in cotton cultivation, pest management, and post-harvest handling. Promotion of Tanzanian cotton in the global market is another crucial aspect of TCB’s mandate. The board actively engages in marketing campaigns, trade fairs, and international forums to showcase Tanzanian cotton, aiming to expand market access and improve the competitive positioning of Tanzanian cotton globally. The Tanzania Cotton Board is instrumental in advancing the cotton industry, benefiting farmers, and contributing to the broader agricultural and economic landscape of Tanzania.

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