Sinditech was founded at 2018, organized by a group of skilled technical expert and professionals. We are fully engaging in industrial factory designing, EPC engineering. Hi-tech heavy duty equipment imports and export, overseas maintenance, technical service and training etc. Through Strategic Collaboration with Industrial Universities, Institutes, China Light Industry Co. Ltd and China GDE Engineering Co. Ltd. Sinditech shares the big data base of the projects that designed, developed and constructed Globally by Chinese Top Industrial Design and Engineering organizations, which benefited all customers with more accurate parts scouring and upgrading projects. Sinditech is deeply engaged in the African industrial product market and serves four major industries, formed a perfect product supply chain and technical service system. SINDITECH has a persistent corporate mission that is demonstrated in its brand mark. SIN-is a Chinese Letter, means Prosperity. DI- Refers to Africa. TECH is A short form of Technology. We are aiming to: “Bring Prosperity to Africa with Technology”. Do all for our customers. Help our employees succeed on the job and in life.

For more information about these vacancies opportunities announced and how to apply please download attachment PDF document below


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