Geita district is one of the 5 districts that make up Geita region. It got the status of a district in 1962. The period was called Geita province. Geita district is located between 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level. It is also located in latitudes 208 to 3028 south of the equator line and longitudes 32045 and 370 east of the line Greenwich. Before the independence of mainland Tanzania (Tanganyika), Geita district had a size of 16,638 square kilometers where land was 10,123.94 square kilometers and water was 6,514.06 square kilometers. The origin of the name Geita: The word Geita is derived from three words of the Wayango (Warongo) tribe, which is Akabanga keita abhantu meaning the loss of the forest that was on the mountain of Akabanga keita abhantu that was used by the Warongos as an area for traditional rituals. This Geita was famous due to the white people’s inability to pronounce the words Akabanga keita abhantu and thus ended up being Geita until today. The existing tribes of Wazina, Sukuma, Wasumbwa and Subi imitated the pronunciation of the whites Geita and thus the word Akabanga keita abhantu started to be lost slowly until today.

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