Caliber logistics was the first company of the group to be born, up until 2016, all group operations were concentrated within this single company. But, with new differentiated businesses being launched, it seems obvious that it was necessary to unify everything, and so a new holding company was born – Caliber First Group. Who we are, Caliber First Group is a Tanzanian Company that has a portfolio with several businesses, all aimed at improving the lives of Tanzanian citizens and residents in Tanzania and the East African region at large. What we do, With this fresh entity, We create solutions in multiple fields including but not limited to Construction, Media and Events, Insurance and Publishing among others. With a deep knowledge of the local market and the use of Technology, the Company knows well the demographics and interest of it’s audience and aims to present them with products or services suited to their needs. Core Values, Integrity, We believe in the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. Passion, We have a strong intense enthusiasm about everything we do. We hand select our talent in by keeping this as one of our valuation elements. Purpose, We know where we are headed, our purpose is to improve the lives of people through the services and products we offer

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