AGIC Energy is an independent renewable energy research, developer and energy as a service provider company with its head office in San Diego California USA, we drive innovation in clean energy. AGIC and its affiliated partner companies develop, own, and operate medium to large-scale renewable energy generation and storage facilities globally, including project development, renewable energy solution products and offering of energy as a service to off grid and remote locations or to all users in general. We handle everything from start to finish, from the concept phase, power generation, operation and business model. We operate strictly in the renewable energy market sector across the globe, enabling utility scale, commercial, residential and off-grid solutions in the form of an energy as a service commodity to our clients. AGIC offers technology expertise, supply chain capabilities, and access to capital, enabling recurrent energy to deliver solar generating plants with market leading cost and efficiency. Our company strives to formulate succinct and measurable growth plans, rooted in a diligent vision of becoming a global leader in the independent renewable energy sector.

For more information about these vacancies opportunities announced and how to apply, please download attachment PDF document below


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