World Vision has been committed to protecting and caring for children and those in need. From our founder Bob Pierce giving the last $5 in his pocket to help care for an abandoned Chinese girl in 1947, to then-CEO Stan Mooneyham purchasing a large ship in 1979 to rescue refugee families stranded at sea in Vietnam, World Vision has gone where others would not. Even in the places where it is hardest to be a child, God is there—and we should be there too. So, our mission continues. Bob Pierce founded World Vision three years after he came face to face with an abandoned child and chose not to look away. Initially based in the state of Oregon, the organisation focused on missions service for emergencies in East Asia. When the countries surrounding Vietnam were refusing to accept the fleeing refugees because of political and racial tension, World Vision believed each person’s life was more valuable than the cost of the risks involved. They were warned against the mission. Despite the captain learning that his license could be revoked and the ship could be denied refuelling and the right to return to port, they all chose to take the risk. Our World Vision ship became the first international rescue ship to provide food and medical assistance to 93 stranded refugees from Vietnam during Operation Seasweep in 1979.

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