TMHS is a professional Tanzanian company operated by a team of medical experts with tremendous experience in healthcare industry. We were founded in 2009; we are currently operating in all east African countries, offering quality, cost effective and reliable services. Our founder, Dr Chakou Halfani started this company as Tanzania Healthcare Promoters Consortium in order to focus on prevention and public awareness for emergency medical conditions as well as work related diseases in Tanzania. The same year it was transformed into sole proprietorship as TMHS with business mission to provide best quality emergency care as well as occupational health & safety services. Quality: We strive for excellence in everything we do. We constantly improve our products and services aiming to satisfy our customers and stakeholders Commitment: We are committed to do the right thing. We comply with all the laws related to our services and our internal set of principles. Standards: We do our best to respect and conserve our workplace environment, and the planet earth Innovation: We live in a culture of imagination, constantly searching for fresh ideas. We value people for having the courage to do things differently. Synergy: Building on the unique diversity of our people, we become truly different, stimulating a stronger organization. Working together with a positive attitude is vital for success

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