Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) is a government agency in Tanzania that focuses on the development, maintenance, and management of rural and urban roads infrastructure across the country. Established in 2017, TARURA plays a crucial role in improving transportation networks and accessibility in both rural and urban areas of Tanzania. TARURA aims to enhance economic growth, social development, and poverty reduction by providing reliable and safe road infrastructure.

The agency is responsible for constructing new roads, rehabilitating existing ones, and maintaining the road network to ensure sustainable connectivity. In rural areas, TARURA focuses on improving road infrastructure to facilitate agricultural activities, enhance market access, and improve the livelihoods of rural communities. By connecting remote villages to main roads and markets, TARURA supports economic development and reduces isolation in rural areas. In urban areas, TARURA contributes to the improvement of urban transportation systems by constructing and maintaining urban roads, bridges, and drainage systems.

The agency works to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance mobility, and ensure safe and efficient movement of people and goods within urban centers. TARURA operates through regional and district offices across Tanzania, ensuring localized planning and implementation of road projects. The agency collaborates with various stakeholders, including local communities, government institutions, and development partners, to achieve its objectives. The agency plays a vital role in addressing transportation challenges and improving the quality of life for Tanzanian citizens by providing reliable and efficient road networks in both rural and urban areas.

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