Songwe District is among of the District of Songwe Regional with synonymous name as ‘’Tanzania land of Gold’’. The District has been established in year 2015 following Government note number 433b dated September 25th under United Republic of Government Tanzania Parliament act no. 7/1982 of LOCAL GOVERNMENT [DISTRICT AUTHORITIES] and was split from Chunya District, Mbeya Region, Tanzania. The District is allocated in southern west of Tanzania and has an area of 16,070 kilometers out of which 14, 965 is occupied by land and 1,105 is occupied by water. The District is bordered with the following Districts. To the West is bordered with Momba , Milele [Katavi Region] and Sumbawanga [Rukwa Region], To the East is bordered with Chunya District. To the North is bordered with Sikonge District [Tabora Region]. To the South is bordered with Mbozi District [Mbeya Rural Region]. The District has a has total population of 133,692 people according to censor of 2012 were 67, 603 are Women and 66,189 are Men. The District has 2 Division, 18 wards and 43 villages and has the parliament province which is Songwe. Main Economic activities are. Gold mining, Coal mining, Agriculture Activities, Livestock keeping, Bee keeping, Fishing Activities, Tourism, Forest keeping, According to 2012 censor income per capital of citizen seems to be Tzs. 268,000.00 – 331,000.00 per person per year.

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