The Tanzania Immigration Department operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is responsible for the regulation of migration, enforcement of immigration laws, and the management of entry and exit points in the country. The department plays a critical role in ensuring the security of Tanzania’s borders while facilitating legal and orderly movement of people. The Immigration Department is responsible for issuing visas and permits to individuals entering Tanzania for various purposes, including tourism, business, work, and study. This includes ensuring that all necessary documentation is in order.M

onitoring and managing entry and exit points across land, air, and sea borders to prevent illegal immigration and enhance national security. This involves the deployment of immigration officers at various border posts. Administering the issuance of work permits to foreign nationals seeking employment opportunities in Tanzania. This process involves assessing the eligibility of individuals based on the nature of their employment.

Collaborating with international organizations to address refugee matters, including the protection and assistance of refugees within Tanzania’s borders Maintaining databases and records of individuals entering and leaving the country. This information is crucial for national security, statistical analysis, and effective migration management. The Tanzania Immigration Department plays a vital role in the overall governance of migration, contributing to national security, economic development, and adherence to international norms. For the latest and most accurate information, it is recommended to refer to official government sources or directly contact the Tanzania Immigration Department.

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