Mpwapwa is one of the six districts of Dodoma region. It is located at the Southwest end of Dodoma region, about 120 kms. from the regional headquarters. The district, however shares borders with Kilosa district in the eastern part, Kongwa district on the north, Kilolo on the south, while Chamwino district is located on the western side of the district. In-terms of international identification, the district lies between 06°00’ and 7°30’ south of the Equator and between 35045’ and 37000’ east of Greenwich. The District has a total surface area of 7,379 sq. kms. of which most of the area is predominantly with spontaneous mountain chains especially in the southern and western parts with steep hills, ridges, valleys and escarpments. Natural features and climate. With exception of rift valley and low land, the district is mountainous with Kiboriani, Wotta, Lufu, Mbuga and Mang’aliza mountain ranges and several steep slopes and lies at an altitude of between 915 metres and 1,200 metres above sea level, covered by loamy soil. Because of the high altitude the district experiences temperate climate with long rainy seasons. However, temperatures and rainfall vary with the altitude. High altitudes between 915 – 1,200 metres above sea level fall under mountainous zone with temperatures ranging between 150 – 200 Centigrade and rainfall vary from 900 – 1,200 mm. per annum.

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