Legal Services Facility (LSF) is leading non-profit organization that strives to increase access to justice for all, in particular for women through a legal empowerment approach.  Established in 2011 the LSF is committed to promoting protection of human rights for all through enhancing the availability, affordability, accessibility, and acceptability of quality legal aid services through over 4000 paralegals and 200 legal aid providers’ organizations scatted across the country main land and Zanzibar. In implementation its mandate the LSF do direct implementation of its programs as well as sub granting to organization which provide legal aid, women social economic empowerment programs, criminal justices, Alternative disputed resolutions and Access to justice program as a whole in both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. LSF works closely with the government of Tanzania at all levels, development partners, access to justice actors, private sector, UN originations, and other like-minded stakeholders within and across the Region to ensure equitable access to justice for all with special focus on poor women, girls, People Living with disability and other vulnerable groups.

For more information about these vacancies opportunities announced and how to apply please download the attachment PDF document below.


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