Kisarawe District Council is a local government authority situated in the Pwani Region of Tanzania. It encompasses an area of approximately 1,835 square kilometers and is home to a diverse population engaged in various economic activities, including agriculture, trade, and small-scale industries. The council’s administrative center is located in Kisarawe town, serving as the hub for governance and public service delivery within the district. Kisarawe District Council plays a crucial role in providing essential services and facilitating development initiatives to improve the welfare of its residents. Agriculture forms the backbone of the district’s economy, with crops such as maize, cassava, rice, and fruits being cultivated in the fertile lands of Kisarawe. Additionally, livestock keeping is a significant source of livelihood for many households in the rural areas. In recent years, Kisarawe District Council has been implementing various development projects aimed at enhancing infrastructure, education, healthcare, and water supply systems. These initiatives are geared towards improving the living standards of the local population and fostering sustainable growth and development. The council is actively involved in promoting social welfare programs and initiatives aimed at empowering marginalized groups, including women, youth, and persons with disabilities. Through capacity building, skills training, and economic empowerment initiatives, Kisarawe District Council seeks to create opportunities for inclusive development and poverty alleviation. Kisarawe District Council plays a pivotal role in driving socio-economic development and improving the quality of life for its residents, demonstrating a commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable growth within the district.

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