HakiRasilimali is a platform of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) registered under the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) Act of 2012 (registration number 00NGO/R2/00074, working on strategic advocacy issues around minerals, oil and gas extraction in Tanzania. The platform emerged from an online “Knowledge Community of Practitioners” in the extractive industries in 2010 to its current status as a joint learning and advocacy platform. Taking into account the lessons learnt since 2010, the group envisages to utilize the available potential to become more effective in influencing extractive industries related policies, laws and practices within the country; by adopting a more strategic and proactive approach. HakiRasilimali is affiliated with Publish What You Pay (PWYP), a global membership-based coalition of CSOs in over fifty (50+) countries united in their call for an open and accountable extractive sector so that oil, gas and mining revenues improve the lives of women, men and youth in resource-rich countries and that extraction is carried out responsibly that benefits countries and their citizens. HakiRasilimali ‘s membership in PWYP is an institutional commitment to the global transparency agenda. HakiRasilimali has 12 core members, namely: Action for Democracy and Local Governance (ADLG), Governance and Economic Policy Centre (GEPC), Governance Links, HakiMadini, Tanganyika Law Society (TLS), Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC), Business and Human Rights Tanzania (BHRT), Policy Forum, Lawyers Environmental Action of Tanzania (LEAT), National Union for Miners and Energy workers (NUMET), Lindi Network of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) (LANGO) and Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA).

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