GIZ Tanzania, also known as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, is the German international development agency that operates in Tanzania. With its headquarters in Dar es Salaam, GIZ has been actively engaged in promoting sustainable development in the country since 1975. GIZ Tanzania focuses on various key areas, including sustainable economic development, health, education, governance, and natural resource management. Their projects and initiatives aim to support Tanzania’s efforts in achieving social, economic, and environmental sustainability. In the realm of sustainable economic development, GIZ collaborates with local partners to promote inclusive growth, enhance employment opportunities, and improve access to finance and market information for small and medium-sized enterprises. In the health sector, GIZ Tanzania supports the government’s efforts to strengthen healthcare systems, combat HIV/AIDS, and improve maternal and child health services. In the education domain, GIZ works to enhance access to quality education, vocational training, and educational infrastructure to empower the Tanzanian youth with the necessary skills for a better future. The organization also focuses on good governance and democratization, fostering transparency, accountability, and citizen participation at both the local and national levels. With its expertise and extensive network of local and international partners, GIZ Tanzania plays a vital role in supporting Tanzania’s development agenda. By fostering partnerships and promoting knowledge exchange, GIZ continues to make valuable contributions to the advancement of Tanzania’s sustainable development goals.

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