In 1927 Switzerland opened a consulate in the coastal city of Tanga. It was later relocated to Dar es Salaam and upgraded to a general consulate, then an embassy. Switzerland recognized Tanganyika’s independence in 1961 and Zanzibar’s in 1963. Fully-fledged diplomatic relations were established in 1964, when the United Republic of Tanzania was created. Switzerland and Tanzania have signed a series of agreements to bolster bilateral relations in technical and scientific cooperation (1966), civil aviation (2004), mutual investment protection (2004) and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters (2016). Switzerland and Tanzania enjoy friendly bilateral relations, reflecting the long and fruitful partnership between the two countries. This is mainly based on the 30 Swiss companies represented in Tanzania, the 250-strong Swiss expat community, and a substantial cooperation programme launched by the Swiss government. Tanzania is part of the Great Lakes region, where Switzerland is committed to supporting peace, protecting basic human rights, and promoting quality basic education and vocational skills development, which helps create jobs. Development cooperation and humanitarian aid. According to the statistics on the Swiss abroad, at the end of 2020 there were 244 Swiss nationals living in Tanzania; 290 Tanzanian nationals were living in Switzerland.

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