Tujijenge Tanzania financial services limited, With over 22 years of operation in the microfinance industry, we understand the importance of appropriate financing and provide loans for a range of purposes. Our mission is to improve the lives of families in Tanzania, meaning we are committed to making an impact on our customers’ lives and their families. Our vision is to be a leader in the provision of customer-focused financial services based on our core values of transparency, integrity, sustainability, respect, teamwork, and empowerment. We believe in fast turn-around time for our customers and currently, we are providing service through five (5) branches, four (4) in Dar es Salaam and one (1) in Mwanza with an online application service. Incorporated in 1980 and originally founded as Lanka ORIX Leasing Company has grown into the LOLC Group, Sri Lanka’s most valuable and profitable diversified conglomerate. Besides a range of financial products and services, the portfolio includes leisure, plantations, Agri-inputs, renewable energy, construction, manufacturing and trading and other strategic investments. As a leading player in microfinance, the LOLC Group has been a catalyst in facilitating financial inclusion. The role in the sector has enabled many people to benefit, whilst striving to maximize environmental benefits through green operations and processes in line with the triple bottom line focus in all LOLC does. The Group’s business interests are in key growth areas of the economy, and LOLC is confident that the company will grow further in potential and value creation for the many stakeholders and partners that LOLC serves as it expands its international presence by actively seeking new opportunities.

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