Small Industries Service Organization (SIDO) was established by Act of Parliament Number 28 of 1973. The organization was given the responsibilities of providing services aimed at facilitating the establishment of small industries focused on increasing the value of the resources in the country; Develop and use simple technology available in the country; Giving priority to production projects that use more manpower; Facilitate the production of products to meet the needs of the people, especially in rural areas, and sell the surplus abroad; To influence, motivate and manage the establishment and development of small industries in the country. Some of the services provided by the Agency are; Technical services and technology development, Initiation of small rural industrial projects, Training, Consulting and extension services, Marketing and Information, and Financial services. The organization provides its services through its network of service delivery offices located in each Regional Headquarters, coordinated by the Central Office located in Dar es Salaam. The organization also has Streets to Serve Small Industries in 18 regions and seven (7) Technology Development Centers. The organization is also engaged in the implementation of special projects such as Strengthening the provision of rural services by implementing the One District One Product (ODOP) strategy, Strengthening the capacity of food processing and the Rural Entrepreneurship Development Project (MUVI).

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