Right To Play is an international non-profit organization that uses the power of play and sports to promote education, health, and social development for children in disadvantaged communities around the world, including Tanzania. In Tanzania, Right To Play has been actively involved in implementing various programs aimed at improving the lives of children and youth. Through the transformative power of play, the organization aims to enhance the quality of education, build life skills, and promote positive behavior among children and youth, especially in marginalized areas. One of the key focus areas of Right To Play Tanzania is the integration of play-based learning into the education system. By using play-based methodologies, the organization seeks to make learning more engaging and effective, leading to increased school attendance and improved academic performance for children. Moreover, Right To Play Tanzania also emphasizes the importance of promoting health and well-being among children. Through sports and play activities, the organization educates children about health and hygiene practices, thus contributing to the reduction of preventable diseases and fostering healthier lifestyles. Another critical aspect of the organization’s work in Tanzania is empowering girls and young women. Right To Play implements programs that challenge gender stereotypes, promote gender equality, and provide a safe space for girls to develop their leadership skills and self-confidence. Through collaborations with local partners, government entities, and communities, Right To Play Tanzania ensures the sustainability and effectiveness of its programs. Right To Play Tanzania plays a vital role in contributing to the holistic development of children and youth in Tanzania, creating brighter futures and more resilient communities through the simple yet powerful act of play.

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