Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team (LEAT) is a non-governmental and non–profit-making environmental law organization formed in April 1994. The motive behind the formation of LEAT was the realization by lawyers that law is an essential tool in the protection of the environment and for sound management of natural resources. As of record, LEAT is the first public interest environmental law organization in Tanzania. It carries out legal policy research, advocacy, and selected public interest litigation. Its membership largely includes lawyers concerned with environmental management and democratic governance in Tanzania. LEAT’s co-founder, Dr. Rugemeleza A.K. Nshala, as a young graduate of the University of Dar es Salaam, together with his colleagues the late Vincent Shauri and Michael Ngalo, was inspired when they met with environmental attorneys from the World Resources Institute(WRI) and Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) from the United States of America on the need to establish a public interest environmental and natural resources law organization to protect Tanzania’s natural resources and environment. LEAT has scored lasting victories, but perhaps its greatest contribution is its work on the nation’s first environmental protection laws, passed by its parliament in 2004. Among its key provisions. Every person living in Tanzania shall have a right to clean, safe, and healthy environment.

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