The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Tanzania plays a crucial role in addressing the needs of refugees and asylum seekers, contributing to the broader humanitarian efforts of the United Nations. Tanzania has a long history of hosting refugees, and UNHCR plays a vital role in coordinating and delivering assistance to displaced populations. UNHCR Tanzania is committed to ensuring the protection and well-being of refugees, working in collaboration with the Tanzanian government and various humanitarian partners. The organization focuses on providing essential services such as shelter, healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities to refugees, aiming to enhance their self-reliance and integration into the local communities. One of the key challenges in Tanzania is the protracted nature of displacement, with some refugee populations residing in camps for an extended period. UNHCR Tanzania addresses this by implementing programs that not only meet the immediate needs of refugees but also promote long-term solutions and community empowerment. In addition to its operational activities, UNHCR Tanzania contributes to international dialogue on refugee and displacement issues, sharing experiences and best practices with other organizations and governments. The organization’s work aligns with the global commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to reducing UNHCR Tanzania inequalities, ensuring access to education, and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies. As  continues its mission, it remains a critical actor in addressing the complex challenges faced by refugees, striving to create a secure and supportive environment for those forced to flee their homes.

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