GSM Tanzania Limited could be involved in providing mobile network services, including voice and data services. As a telecommunications provider, it may offer a range of products and services such as prepaid and postpaid mobile plans, mobile internet services, and value-added services. The company may have invested in the expansion and maintenance of network infrastructure, including cell towers and base stations, to ensure broad coverage and reliable connectivity for its subscribers. Customer service and user experience are vital components of any telecom service, so the company might have customer support channels and online platforms to address queries, handle service-related issues, and provide information to subscribers. Diverse Services: The group may offer a variety of telecommunications services, including mobile and internet connectivity, to cater to the communication needs of individuals and businesses in Tanzania. Network Infrastructure: The group could be involved in the development, maintenance, and expansion of telecommunications infrastructure, such as cell towers, to ensure a robust and widespread network coverage. Technological Innovation: In a rapidly evolving industry, the group might invest in technological advancements, potentially including the deployment of advanced network technologies like 4G or 5G. Product Portfolio: The group may have a diverse product portfolio, including different types of mobile plans, data packages, and value-added services to attract a broad range of consumers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Telecommunications companies often engage in CSR activities, and the group may be involved in initiatives related to community development, education, or environmental sustainability.

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