The DL Group of Companies is a highly experienced and innovative team of companies that are guided by the vision of conducting world class business that is conducted sustainably, in a way that empowers people. We operate in five diverse sectors and provide employment for at least four thousand staff members with thousands more benefiting indirectly. Although headquartered in Kenya, the DL Group has extensive operations and interests in Tanzania, UAE, China and the United Kingdom. This international presence in Africa, Asia and Europe provides the DL Group with global footprints that lead it to world class excellence in its diverse portfolio of products and services. The DL Group is a uniquely positioned business player in the East African region owing to the fact that it is the largest tea producer in Tanzania and one of the largest in Kenya. This gives it a strong East African presence that paves the way for its other products and services to reach a wider market. As such, the DL Group is the go-to company for international firms that are keen on being a part of East Africa’s rapidly growing economy especially in agribusiness, real estate, construction and manufacture. The Africa Economic Zone, which is our special economic company in Eldoret, is exceptionally placed to provide strategic partnerships for medium and large scale manufacturers who have an eye on the East African Community’s market reach of at least 150 million people.

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