UNICEF Tanzania, also known as the United Nations Children’s Fund Tanzania, is the branch of UNICEF dedicated to improving the well-being of children and women in Tanzania. Here’s an overview of UNICEF Tanzania. Mission UNICEF Tanzania’s primary mission is to ensure that every child in Tanzania has access to essential services, healthcare, education, protection, and nutrition to help them survive and thrive. They are committed to upholding the rights of children and women. Programs. UNICEF Tanzania implements a wide range of programs that address critical issues affecting children and families. These programs focus on areas such as child health, nutrition, education, child protection, and water and sanitation. They work to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, promote education, and protect children from violence, exploitation, and abuse. Immunization UNICEF Tanzania plays a crucial role in supporting the Tanzanian government’s efforts to ensure that children are vaccinated against preventable diseases. They work to strengthen healthcare systems and provide vaccines to remote and underserved communities. Education, UNICEF Tanzania is actively involved in promoting access to quality education for children in the country. They support initiatives to improve school infrastructure, train teachers, and enhance educational materials. Emergency Response, In times of emergencies, including natural disasters and public health crises, UNICEF Tanzania is quick to respond. They provide life-saving assistance to affected children and families, including access to clean water, nutrition, and healthcare. They collaborate with the government, civil society, and other partners to influence policies and drive positive change. Community Engagement, UNICEF Tanzania involves local communities in their programs, ensuring that the voices and needs of children and families are heard and respected. UNICEF Tanzania’s work is vital in addressing the unique challenges that children and women face in Tanzania and in helping the country achieve its Sustainable Development Goals related to child well-being and development.

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