Tanzania Youth Vision Association [TYVA] is a youth-led, non-partisan, non-profit, and non-governmental and membership based organization founded in 29th July 2000 and registered with a registration number (00NGO/R2/000425) to work as Non Governmental Organization focusing on youth awareness raising and empowerment. TYVA defines youth as of age 16-30, of which concentrate much to bring up and create the opportunity for them. The Organization was formed to fill a gap of a strong youth organizations and to address the challenge of poor youth involvement and participation. It aims at capacity building of youth and youth organizations in civic and social-economic spheres, focusing on bringing about self-realization, empowerment, Participation and involvement of young people in Tanzania. The Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA) is an organization dedicated to empowering and advocating for the youth in Tanzania. Such an association might focus on addressing the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities that young people encounter in the country. TYVA work towards several objectives. First, it could be involved in youth development programs, aiming to provide educational opportunities, vocational training, and skill development for young Tanzanians. This could include workshops, mentorship programs, and initiatives focused on leadership development. TYVA organize community-based projects, aiming to engage young individuals in social and community development activities. These initiatives might include environmental projects, health awareness campaigns, or initiatives supporting entrepreneurship among the youth. In summary, the Tanzania Youth Vision Association potentially serve as a platform for youth empowerment, striving to create opportunities, provide education, advocate for youth-oriented policies, and encourage active participation in community development for the betterment of Tanzania’s younger generation.

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