Tanzania Forest Services (TFS), New 66 Vacancies Opportunities – August 2023


Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) is a governmental agency responsible for the management and conservation of forest resources in Tanzania. Established to oversee the sustainable use of the country’s vast and diverse forest ecosystems, TFS plays a critical role in balancing economic development with environmental protection. TFS’s main objectives encompass forest management, conservation, and community engagement. The agency is tasked with implementing policies and strategies that promote responsible logging, afforestation, and reforestation practices. By enforcing regulations on timber harvesting and promoting sustainable forestry, TFS aims to combat deforestation and ensure the long-term viability of Tanzania’s forests. Furthermore, TFS is actively involved in conservation efforts to safeguard the rich biodiversity found within Tanzania’s forests. Through initiatives such as protected area management, wildlife habitat preservation, and anti-poaching activities, TFS contributes to maintaining the ecological integrity of these ecosystems. Community participation is a crucial aspect of TFS’s approach. The agency collaborates with local communities, indigenous groups, and stakeholders to develop inclusive forest management plans that consider both livelihood needs and environmental protection. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among local residents, enhancing the success of conservation efforts. TFS also engages in environmental education and awareness campaigns to promote sustainable practices and increase public understanding of the importance of forests in mitigating climate change, conserving water resources, and supporting biodiversity. In essence, Tanzania Forest Services serves as a custodian of the nation’s forests, working to secure a harmonious balance between economic development, environmental preservation, and community welfare for current and future generations.

For more information about these vacancies posts announced ad how to apply, please download attachment PDF document below


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