TANAPA, NMT and CBE, New Vacancies Opportunities (PSRS) – July 2023


Tanzania, a diverse East African nation, boasts a rich tapestry of natural wonders and cultural heritage, proudly preserved and celebrated through institutions like Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), the National Museum of Tanzania (NMT), and the College of Business Education (CBE). Tanzania’s TANAPA is a beacon of conservation, managing a network of 16 stunning national parks, including the renowned Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. These parks showcase a breathtaking array of wildlife, from the iconic African Big Five to unique bird species and lush landscapes, drawing thousands of tourists annually. TANAPA’s tireless efforts in sustainable ecotourism ensure the preservation of these ecological treasures for generations to come. The National Museum of Tanzania (NMT) stands as a custodian of the country’s cultural heritage. With branches in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, and Arusha, the museum houses an extraordinary collection of artifacts, fossils, and art pieces that narrate Tanzania’s history, anthropology, and paleontology. It plays a vital role in promoting national identity and understanding the nation’s diverse roots. Beyond preserving natural heritage and cultural treasures, Tanzania focuses on education through institutions like the College of Business Education (CBE). Founded in 1965, CBE has emerged as a premier business and management education hub in the region. With campuses across the country, CBE offers a wide range of programs and equips students with the skills needed for entrepreneurship and leadership in the ever-changing global economy. In summary, Tanzania’s National Parks, spearheaded by TANAPA, epitomize its ecological wealth; the National Museum of Tanzania showcases its cultural heritage, while the College of Business Education (CBE) empowers its future leaders. Together, these institutions reflect Tanzania’s commitment to preserving its legacy and nurturing a bright and sustainable future.

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