Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Intern Opportunity – May 2023


The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is a prominent and influential organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the private sector in Tanzania. Established in 1998, TPSF plays a pivotal role in shaping the country’s economic landscape by advocating for policies that enhance business growth and competitiveness. As a non-profit organization, TPSF operates as a bridge between the government and the private sector, fostering collaboration and dialogue to address key challenges faced by businesses. It provides a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to voice their concerns and contribute to policy formulation. TPSF offers a wide range of services and initiatives to empower the private sector. It provides business training and capacity-building programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs. The foundation also facilitates access to finance by promoting innovative financing models and connecting businesses with financial institutions. Recognizing the importance of a conducive business environment, TPSF engages in policy advocacy and lobbying to influence government policies and regulations in favor of the private sector. It actively works towards reducing bureaucracy, improving the ease of doing business, and promoting transparency and accountability. Additionally, TPSF acts as a platform for networking and collaboration among businesses, enabling them to share best practices, explore investment opportunities, and develop strategic partnerships. It organizes conferences, seminars, and trade fairs to showcase the potential of Tanzania’s private sector and attract local and foreign investments.

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