EWURA Tanzania, New Internship Opportunities – May 2023


Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) is a vital institution in Tanzania responsible for regulating and supervising the energy and water sectors in the country. Established in 2001, EWURA plays a crucial role in ensuring the provision of efficient, reliable, and affordable energy and water services to the Tanzanian population. In the energy sector, EWURA oversees the regulation of electricity, petroleum, and natural gas industries. It sets standards and guidelines for service providers, monitors compliance, and promotes fair competition in the market. By implementing transparent and accountable practices, EWURA aims to foster a sustainable energy sector that meets the needs of both urban and rural communities. Similarly, in the water sector, EWURA regulates water supply and sanitation services, ensuring the provision of safe and affordable water to Tanzanians. It establishes tariffs, monitors quality standards, and promotes efficiency in the management of water resources. EWURA also focuses on promoting water conservation and encouraging sustainable practices to address water scarcity challenges. Through its regulatory framework, EWURA strives to protect consumer interests, promote investment, and ensure the overall development of the energy and water sectors in Tanzania. It actively engages with stakeholders, including government agencies, service providers, and consumers, to create an enabling environment for growth and innovation. By promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance, EWURA contributes to the socio-economic development of Tanzania, improving the lives of its citizens and fostering sustainable development.

For more information about these vacancies opportunities announced and how to apply, please download attachment PDF document below


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